They lied to you...
Do YOU know where “THE REAL MONEY” is…
and how to get it??

It’s called “BUYER LEADS,” and it’s the #1 secret online....

Set & Forget Simple | 100% Beginner Friendly | No Content Creation EVER

  • The easiest, most PROVEN way to create highly profitable buyer lists
  • DFY products, sales pages & automated funnels​- no content creation, outsourcing or tech skills needed
  • 100% free traffic on demand​- never buy an ad again
  • Premium hosting included​- save $100s or more in yearly costs
  • No more waiting​- results in as little as 24 hours

A Buyer’s List Is 


The Fastest, MOST Proven Way To Profit Online

Elite marketers agree that the money is in the list.
So do the world’s richest companies ... they CONSTANTLY build their lists: 

Amazon has a list of over 150 MILLION paying Prime members … buyers it can market to all year long

Apple has over 50 million paid music members … that it can promote its other services to

The secret to Amazon & Apple’s MONSTER lists?

They give away HUGE value for a TINY price,
to pack their lists with happy buyers.

Your Keys To The


When you have your own buyer’s list, you can unlock profits on demand.
It’s the most valuable asset you’ll EVER have online …
It’s also like having built-in job security:
could shut down your channel …
could delist your website or online store …
But your list is untouchable and your personal source of push button income.

If It’s So Awesome


Isn’t Everyone Doing It?

Because TRADITIONALLY, building a list of buyers is WAY too much work.

Here’s what it looks like: 

Create a product

Takes 4-8 months on average
  • Market Research
  • Product Research
  • Content Creation
  • Assembly, hosting & delivery

Create marketing materials

Takes minimum 4 weeks or multiple thousands to hire copywriters & designers
  • Create & DESIGN presell & sales pages
  • Pay for domain names & hosting

Figure out how to sell your product

Hours of research + hundreds of dollars on ads
  • Competitor analysis to pick “sweet spot” pricing
  • Split-test sales page variations to cold traffic
  • Spend months building your brand & authority so people will consider buying from you

Customer support

  • Setup and staff a dedicated support desk to handle customer issues 24/7
No wonder so few marketers have buyer lists.
Building them takes BOATLOADS of time, money and skills.

Picture Having A List

Built For You

Imagine having hundreds of buyer subscribers in just days.
Thousands in just weeks.

Sending ONE email while sipping your morning coffee … 

Then spending the day doing whatever you want ... 

And making hundreds or even thousands in commissions. 

From anywhere in the world.  

Well you’re in the right place at exactly the right time. 

Because on this page you can have your list practically built FOR you. 

So you can achieve the “marketing holy grail” of push-send profits … 


This DFY System Is Our
 Ultimate ShortCut To Daily Commissions

Like These:

The Built-In Scaling 
Is Banking Us 4-5 Figures Per Month

On Autopilot:

We’ve Cracked

The Code To Building YOUR Buyer’s List …

You Get ALL The Benefits With NONE Of The Work

  • You get five top-converting digital products to promote as your own … say goodbye to the nightmare of product creation 
  • You get ALL sales pages and marketing materials …  saving you THOUSANDS of dollars on copywriters & design 
  • We put everything together into 5 DFY funnels that  handle the selling and product delivery FOR YOU


You Get Unlimited Hosting AND 100% Free Traffic Included …

So You Have ZERO Overhead Costs

For The Full Power Of Automated

List Building...

No Other System, Software, Product Or Training Comes Close

Creating a profitable buyer’s list means getting every piece of the puzzle exactly right.
Buyerzilla locks down the fundamentals to get you
the best possible results without compromise


The products you sell determine the quality of subscribers you get.

You’re getting 5 award-winning products developed by two ELITE digital marketers who drive MILLIONS in yearly sales. 

Each product is evergreen, has UNIVERSAL appeal, and features unique methods proven to get results. 



Sales pages & marketing tools make or break your list building success.

You’re getting PREMIUM sales materials worth tens of thousands of dollars …

Created by expert copywriters & designers and PROVEN to convert.



List building should be about profit, not about work.

The included DFY funnels are set & forget simple and automate every part of lead generation for you. 

Built-in automations mean you set your campaigns up ONCE, then they continue to build your list on autopilot

This Is The SIMPLEST Solution For List Building Profits

On The Market Today

Don’t Take Our Word For It … Here’s What Beta Testers Are Saying

Chris Parker

The money IS in the buyers list. For years, I have seen affiliates dominating the leaderboards with their so called 'methods' but everybody knows they have been using their buyers lists. Finally, I can start building my own without creating any products. Game-changer!

sandra M.

YES! I've been trying to build up my buyers list for a long time but I always struggled with creating a high quality offer. Now I get to use 5 of the TOP Sellers on warriorplus as my own?! With just a few clicks? It doesn't get any easier than this.

Results Like These

Are Possible In As Little As 24 Hours From Now

Paid Traffic
Product Creation
ANY Tech Skills Or Previous Experience!


Buyerzilla is an all-in-one DONE-FOR-YOU list building solution including:
  • Cloud-based software to effortlessly run campaigns 
  • 5 automated funnels including PREMIUM products, sales & delivery pages 
  • Multiple FREE traffic methods so you’ll NEVER need to pay for ads 
  • Step-by-step training to get you up and running in less than 24 hours 

Watch How EASY Profitable List Creation Is In This

Buyerzilla Demo:

Online Marketing 101: The Money’s In The [Buyer] List

How To Get Yours In

3 Simple Steps


Watch the over-the-shoulder video guides and choose your 1st campaign


Make each funnel YOURS by customizing headlines, adding your picture & even welcome video
[we show you how]


Plugin the included free traffic, set your funnel live and watch your list grow on autopilot

You Get Everything You Need For


Buyer Lists FAST

FIVE Blockbuster Products

Quality products attract quality buyers, and you’re getting the best of the best.

Each of these products have been developed by 2 of the most successful vendors over the past 3 years. 

The demand for these unique, PROVEN solutions is unlimited, so you’ll never have to worry about saturation 

They’re perfect for exploding your list with eager, action-taking buyers. 

DONE FOR YOU Sales Materials

You’ll maximize conversions with pre-sell and sales pages optimized for each product …

Including professional sales videos, stunning graphics and perfectly-placed calls to action. 

Nothing’s left to chance - these proven-to-convert pages will help grow your list faster than ever. 

DONE FOR YOU Funnels -
One-time setup for ONGOING results

You’ll LOVE the built-in automations that make Buyerzilla set & forget simple.

All 5 funnels automate each step from traffic to prospect to sale … AND add all new buyers directly to your lists.

Professional Product Member Areas - Skyrocket long term conversions

You’ll INSTANTLY create trust with your new buyers thanks to pro-quality member areas that deliver access to each product.

This trust is proven to boost conversions when you promote to your subscribers in the future. 

Premium Hosting Included
Save $100s per year

Never worry about slow pages or glitches … we’ll host ALL your pages for you on premium servers.

Super fast load times optimize your conversions …  

And relax knowing we’ll set everything up FOR you. 

Free Traffic TWO Ways
Targeted & lightning fast WITHOUT paying for ads

The included video training shows you how to get powerful, 100% free traffic from Facebook in under 24 hours!

We’ve personally been using these precise, little-known methods to explode our lists. 

In addition, your funnel pages feature 1-click social sharing to leverage even MORE free traffic.

For Fast Results Buyerzilla

Is The Answer

Forget “old-school” list building that can take MONTHS to get even a trickle of subscribers.

Everything about Buyerzilla is built for speed. 

The products, sales pages, automated funnels and free traffic work together … 
Non-stop and behind the scenes …

So you can be adding real buyer leads to your list in as little as 24 hours from now. 

Unleash all five of the included campaigns … 
And soon you could have a list as powerful as the “super affiliates”

Who make hundreds to thousands per day from sending a single email. 

Isn’t it your turn?


Features That Make Buyerzilla 

The Best BUYER LIST Solution On The Market 

Industry Proven EXPLOSIVE List Building Method

Remember how Amazon & Apple grow their lists by selling so MUCH value for so little?

With Buyerzilla, you get to sell each of the included premium products for just $1 ! 

This insane value translates into list building on steroids … 

Bringing you the highest possible # of happy, buying subscribers.  

MULTIPLE Lists & Audiences
For More Ways To Profit

With 5 products, you can build 5 different subscriber lists …
But that’s just for starters.

Buyerzilla lets you create laser-targeted audiences at EACH stage of the funnel: 

Prospects, buyers & action takers ...

That you can promote to on Facebook for even higher potential profits.

We show you exactly how inside! 

Hijack Authority To Maximize Long Term Sales

Get INSTANT CREDIBILITY to boost conversions by including your name, profile pic and branding on your funnel pages. 

Prospects will credit YOU as the professional behind each stunning page. 

Legendary Training To Maximize Your Results

We’ll show you exactly how to use the software from A-Z … including how to customize each page, even add a welcome video if you like … no tech skills needed.

Then we share our proven FREE traffic methods to start getting subscribers on your list in as little as 24 hours! 

You’ll also see step-by-step how to create and promote to custom audiences when you’re ready to scale up.

This EXACT Method Is Making Us Commissions

Like These:

Take Home These

Powerful Bonuses

To Skyrocket Your Results

When You Grab Buyerzilla Now

Bonuses Valued At Over $X,XXX

IMPORTANT: Bonuses may be removed at ANY time so hurry to claim yours now!

bonus #1

$5,499.04 Case Study

Building your buyers list is definitely the easiest way to start making full time income online.

In this bonus I am going to share with you how I made over $5,000 in commissions, promoting just ONE affiliate offer to my own buyers list.

bonus #2

"OKAY, BUT WHAT NOW?!" Quick Start Guide

Hands down, the MOST FREQUENT question you ask after you go through any course is 'Okay, this is cool, but WHAT NOW?'

So we decided to create a special video dedicated to this question only. 

This video will show you step-by-step what you need to do AFTER you go through to video course to start seeing results as soon as possible.

bonus #3

Ultimate Free Traffic Guide

Getting traffic is easy, especially if you have a big budget.

But what if that's not the case?

Don't worry, because we put together the BEST free traffic guide for our most effective method that you can use with Buyerzilla to get started without paying a cent for traffic.

To Make This An Absolute No-Brainer We’re
Removing All Risk From Your Decision

The Buyerzilla Unconditional

100% Money Back Guarantee

Invest in Buyerzilla risk-free, knowing your purchase is completely covered.

Take the entire system for a test ride for 30 days on our dime. 
If you have a question or technical issue, support is just one click away.

In the unlikely event you don’t feel Buyerzilla lives up to every claim on this page,  
let us know.

If we can’t make things right, we’ll refund every penny of your purchase,  
no questions asked.

Here’s A Recap Of Everything You Get

Inside Buyerzilla

  • Buyerzilla Cloud-Based Software
  • To easily customize each funnel with your details & brand
  • 5 [FIVE] Premium Products To Sell As Your Own
  • For effortlessly creating multiple buyer’s lists 
  • 5 [FIVE] DFY Automated Funnels
  • Set & forget technology grows your lists on autopilot
  • Top-Converting Sales Materials
  • $1000s of dollars worth of PROVEN pre-sell and sales pages to explode your list
  • Premium Hosting For ALL Your Buyerzilla Pages
  • Save $100s or more each year & maximize conversions with FAST pages running on premium servers
  • 100% Free Traffic TWO Ways
  • Unleash lightning fast traffic with our secret methods PLUS get 1-click social sharing built-in to your funnel pages
  • A-Z Step By Step Training
  • Get the best possible results as FAST as possible with over-the-shoulder training that covers everything ...From customizing your pages to free traffic, laser-targeted audiences, and everything in between 
  • Bonuses Valued At Over $X,XXX
  • When you act now!

So What’s The Catch?

The catch is Buyerzilla is on for a steeply-discounted launch special price …
And we reserve the right to double or even triple the price at any time.

Right now you can get everything for an insanely low, one-time fee with no monthly rebills, ever. 

IMPORTANT: not only is the price going to increase …  

We may remove this offer at any time.  
So we can focus on helping every customer achieve the best possible results from this game changing method.

So don’t miss your chance.  
It’s YOUR turn to have a buyer’s list that can bring you effortless commissions day after day ...

Just hit the button below to lock in your access and get started now! 

Commonly Asked Questions …


Q. What’s Buyerzilla all about?

A. It’s a powerful, proven method for building you multiple BUYER lists faster than ever before possible …
Using done-for-you products, sales materials, automated funnels and free traffic.

Q. What makes this better than other list building methods out there?

A. 1st and most important, this system focuses exclusively on putting BUYERS onto your list. Buyer leads are infinitely more profitable than “freebie seekers” that can often just waste your time and money.

Next, we give you EVERYTHING needed to build those buyer lists. Premium products, sales materials, funnels, training and more … you literally just plug them in and you’re all set … NO CONTENT CREATION needed! 

Q. Do I need a budget for traffic?

Not at all! You’ll be blown away by our underground free traffic strategies, and how fast they can get results.

Q. Do I need experience or tech skills?

No way, this is as beginner friendly as it gets … because everything’s already built FOR you. We walk you thru the very simple steps needed to personalize the system for you.

Q. Is there a money back guarantee?

Absolutely. We’re 100% confident in Buyerzilla, as are dozens of beta testers …
So if for any reason you’re not thrilled, let us know within 30 days and we’ll either make things right or refund your purchase.

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